Ohh My, This is going to take a while [[[Due to Lewis's long, long experiences with the Nooskies this page will take some time]]] Edit

The Janoskians (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation) are a YouTube comedy group originally from Melbourne, Australia, who are now based in Los Angeles.The group consists of elder brother Beau Brooks, twins Luke and Jai Brooks, and friends James Yammouni and Daniel Sahyounie.

Lewis's First youtuber video of relation to The Nooskies was "Fat Janoskian Drives a Prius" in this video he talks about James Yammouni and his unattractiveness. he also mention the other Nooskies pages and the comparsion between likes.

Then goes onto talk about the twitter page of James being the Second-lowest followed Nooskie.

Sexuality Edit

The nooskies are know to have unusual sexual tendencies. This is evident by their courting of their fanbase, with video evidence of them kissing 11-14 year old girls. They're also known for engaging in incestuous public sex with each other on buses and trains.