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Welcome to the Liam 'Lewis' Spears Wikia *A work in progress*Edit

This Wiki is about a Cunt, Farmer, Youtuber, 'Comedian', Pornstar and Musician Liam Spears. This page contains information on pears.

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Nothing. but a porn star

Characters Edit

Main Edit

Lewis Spears

Pinga Pete

Guests/Homies Edit

Tristan Barker

Elliot Loney

Marcus Dibble

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Susan Mclean

Adrian Van Oyen

Daniel Amos

Kurt Coleman

The Janoskians

Tony Abbott

MysticGotJokes/Twerking For The Homeless

Chen Lizra/How To Use Seduction

WillisEverything/Saving A Racist Man From Suicide

TheOckShow/Demanding Sex From Strangers

Stoner Sloth


Big Budget Youtube Covers

An In Depth Reaction To Reactworld

Tall Guys Free

Misc Edit

Dr.Miles Reeder

Sketchy Steve

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:Lewis being cum dumpedGoin in dry
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