Liam "Lewis" Spears - Gay Cunt Edit


"Hot Potato? How about Hot Nine-year-old. *laughter* " - Liam Spears


Liam Spears was born on 16th January, 1194 and is a THICC C Austrian comedian, p0rnstar, musician, podcaster, pear farmer, Basketball Player, International Unit of Measurement, Shrek enthusiast and youtube personalitit.

Liam went to McKinnon Secondary College. Lewis has displayed on multiple occasions that he felt that school "was the shit." Despite his distaste for his secondary education, he is currently featured as an Alumnus as a School Shooter on the school's wikipedia page. Liam, to the surprise of all his edgy fans, has not killed himself to date. While this may seem quite meaningless to the average cunt, recording miscellaneous bit at the end is like buying tickets to the zoo only to find Liam in the girrafe enclosure.

Liam Spears is also the creator and host of mono-decade-Bull, his political satire show which is released about as many times as Liam is funny.

Liam is commonly seen wearing a virginity protection charm around his neck.

Liam commonly makes allusions to his large penis size on his podcast. Therefore it can be confirmed Liam definitely has a baby carrot micropenis.

Pears , lews pears

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That one tall fetish website he often mentions

Lewis is well known for his bed wetting antics, that lasted him well into his 20's. She was able to kick that habit out the window, how ever, he then began to shit the bed. Still to this date there are no signs of his bed shitting conundrum slowing down. And his love for anal sex with dogs he stats he is the bottom in such occasions and loves it ~ Señor Cunt.

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